Pest Management for every setting.

At Felix Pest Management we have more than two decades of professional experience in pest management services for agricultural, residential and commercial buildings. Our team are fully trained in the sustainable IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach that we are proud to pioneer in Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland.

Commercial Pest Management

Our pest management services provide protection from the risks of pest-borne contamination and damage by pests.

Our comprehensive pest management system covers preventative measures, management reporting procedures, accountability, and a documented system of measures which provide appropriate evidence of “due diligence” against prosecution and its consequences.

  • RComprehensive Integrated Approach
  • RMinimal Environmental Impact
  • RProtection from Pest Contamination and Pest Damage
  • RCross-sector Professional Experience: food manufacturing, warehouse and distribution, retail, hospitality, education, medical facilities, offices spaces and more.

Residential Pest Management

We understand it can be such a shock and stressful time when you discover you have pests such as mice, rats or creepy crawlies in your home. But don’t panic we can get it sorted for you. Our staff will take the time to carry out a thorough inspection of your property and get to the root cause of the problem.

  • RFast response
  • RThorough Investigation
  • REradicate the problem

Agricultural Pest Management

Farms will inevitably have some degree of pest pressures at different times throughout the year such as mice, rats, and flies.

We can help minimise these issues developing into serious problems that could affect your livestock, product, and buildings.

  • RWe understand that Bio-security is key
  • RIPM to reduce the spread of disease
  • RProtection from Pest Contamination and Pest Damage
  • RProven track record across Agri sectors: poultry, pigs, dairy, arable.

Audit-ready Pest Management

We can help with auditing requirements, including:

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